Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Long Night Brings a Win

Well, the results are in and BOY do I feel them. Me and my mixed doubles partner, Dave, pulled out a win last night in a third set tiebreaker. After almost a 3 hour match, it was about time. I am super pumped now. I haven't played in years and we won our first match. Who knew!! Our team ended up losing in all but it's all about having fun and not everything too seriously.

I called E on my way home to tell him the good news. He never even asked and so I finally said "Aren't you going to ask me how we did?" His response was "Well, I assume if you want me to ask you, then that means you won." Huff. Forget it...don't get too excited for me....So I called my dad. HA He was pumped!!!

Me and E started dating my senior year to play college tennis. I was just always insecure about people watching me play and making sure that I did well. I asked him not to come to the matches. I asked him this morning if he wanted to come to the next match and bring Maggie too. He says "I thought I was banned from watching you!" (Opps...I completely forgot that I said that 6 years ago...It's amazing what we choose to remember!!) So I lifted the ban and the world was once again a free tennis zone!!

I think I like this USTA world of tennis. You only have to play if you want to and you can be nice and make friends. (that doesn't happen in high school or college tennis)


andreaunplugged said...

Congrats on the win!

Erika said...

Hey, congratulations! I heard ALL about it.

Ashley said...

Congratulations!!! Yes, USTA is much more fun than college tennis (at least our college tennis) FOR SURE!

Amanda said...

Good job! I like the comic too. Sometime you just want to hit the ball as hard as you can to see where it will end up. Very funny!