Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Fever

Yep, I have it alright! I am having the hardest time focusing on my work, my duties at home, the laundry, the cleaning, you name it. All I care about it E coming home in a few days and then leaving for vacation. I feel like a kid during the last week of school.

I am having the hardest time concentrating on the tiniest tasks and find myself trying to look busy while I bide my time until the end of next week. The weeks need to fly by faster.

My parents sold their house when I was in college and some friends had a basement apartment that they offered to let them stay indefinately. They stayed there for a while with the idea that they wouldn't live in town very long and that this job was only temporary until he found something better. (coincidently, 7 years later, they are still there and love it so they built a house a few years ago) So they took the money from the sale of their house and put it into a beach condo closer to where they are originally from. It's up for rent most of the time but we all get to put in a week or two throughout the year and enjoy it when we need a break.

And boy do I need a break. I was telling E the other day how excited I was about vacation and he just looked at me. I asked him "Aren't you?" He answered "Well, of course, I just don't understand why you are as excited as you are. We went on vacation last year."

Well, I guess that he forgot that our whole vacation last year was an anxiety attack for me since we were between moves. We packed up our stuff and threw it in a moving van in Key West, then headed to the beach for a few days of vacation before we started moving into our new house in Texas. So most of my vacation was spent making phone calls to the movers, the electric company, the telephone company, etc. And to top things off, the water was ICE COLD and we couldn't stay in but a few minutes and the wind was furrocious so if you tried to get some sun you shivered.
My aunt took this picture of us last year at my grandparents house on our way home from vacation. Notice my lack of tan after a week at the beach. It was quite sad. But MY how skinny we were. I was running 4 miles a day 6 days a week at that point and E had stopped eating what they fed him on the boat in Key West and jogged with me some when he got back. (In case you are wondering...we still look like that...just about 10 pounds heavier...both of us)

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Amanda said...

Oh, I love vacations! It dosen't matter where you go, its the though of time away from the usual routines. Hopefully this years vaca will be much more relaxing for the both of you!