Monday, June 9, 2008

Funny Pictures

After three attempts of trying to get this giant stick through the back door, she finally mastered it and dragged it through the house. It always amazes me what she finds entertaining. I almost felt bad taking it away from her...ALMOST!

Here she is again as I am getting ready to leave for tennis practice. She can always tell when we are about to leave and will immediately get clingy! I packed up all my gear and had about 5 minutes left so I sat down and evidently my 75 lbs. pup thinks she is a lap dog!


Amanda said...

She is so determined and lovable! You are so lucky.

Ps. Sorry about the fathers day scare :)

Erika said...

Ah, you are going to be a good mommy...even though you were in a hurry, you still had time to sit and spend quality time with your Maggie!

Ashley said...

Rafa is always bringing sticks and leaves inside. We have a doggy door to the back yard so we just randomly find sticks throughout our house. Great, isn't it?

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