Friday, June 6, 2008

Top Favorites

In Andrea Unplugged fashion, I have decided to copy her top five Friday this week (accept I only have 2 for today).  So I have found a few good things that I thought I would share with you:
Nike Women - So I was on this site shopping the other day and found myself turning off the automatic music every time I hit the home page. So annoying...I hate sites with music! So while I was turning off the music repeatedly, I noticed a link in the player that allows you to download all five of the songs for free. Go check it out!! And I think they change it up some times so check back every now and then!
Silicone Bakeware - I know...It's such a girl thing but this little invention has saved my life lately and I am now living to tell about it! Not really, but it's definately on my list of favorites now...because I hate scrubbing muffin pans.


andreaunplugged said...

Glad to see you are coming over to the Top Five side. I will admit sometimes it is hard to think of 5 things, or a list that people would enjoy opposed to 5 things i'd rather be doing than working today! or 5 things that piss me off! even though 5 things that piss me off would probably be a good one. I'm gonna have to go check out those songs, and maybe download them. ps...i'm super jealous you are off work today.

Erika said...

thanks for sharing the nike women website with us. i already downloaded the free songs :0)