Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Those pumpkins are HUGE!!! I had E send the pics off of the camera this morning and he only sent me the closeup picture of mine...not his! But we worked for a little while last night and got our pumpkins all carved up. Set them up on the front porch with a light inside each of them and put out 2 pots of mums that were left over from last year but bloomed again so why waste money on new ones...right? I put my Fall wreath on the door and called it a night. (pretend like you can't see my dead evergreen on the front's just having a hard time making a comeback since it was locked inside for 2 weeks during hurricane evacuation)

I honestly think that Maggie had more fun last night than we did. She kept coming over to the table and sneaking pumpkin seeds and pumpkin cutouts that we had discarded. She would take them out into the yard and mouth them until the flavor was gone, spit it out and start all over again.

I carved an owl and E carved an "Oh No!" face with both hand on their face (think Kevin McAlister in Home Alone after he puts the aftershave on his face).
He held up the hand cutouts and tried to give Maggie five but Maggie just wanted to eat the hands so it didn't really work.

Happy Halloween to you all and feel free to stop by tonight if you have kids. Our porch light will be on and we are full of candy!!


Amanda said...

Great job on the pumpkins. So funny about Maggie stealing pumpkin parts to nibble on. Happy Halloween!

Ashley said...

Rafa tried to eat my pumpkin carve-outs, too. I only let him lick them though. I didn't really want him chowing down on that much fiber - HA!