Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bedroom Redo

Since me and E got a new mattress a few months ago, and it wouldn't fit on our original bed frame, we needed to adjust our bedroom setup since the bed was originally in front of the window. Every night, I found myself sleeping further and further down the bed to avoid losing my pillows in the window sill. So we rearranged the bedroom and I FINALLY got around to putting pictures into the picture frames. I have been married for almost 4.5 years and still haven't gotten around to putting pictures in any of my frames that I got for wedding presents or bought for our house. I know... ridiculous!!

So here are the pictures of the room. Sorry one of them is so blurry. I think I need my eyes checked.


Amanda said...

Such a pretty color on the walls! Nice set up too. A nice comfy bed is heaven!

Ashley said...

Oh, Brooke! I love it!!!

katshaver said...

LOVE IT!!!!!