Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Luke's Birthday Party

Well, in all of the insanity that occurred last week, I had almost forgot about ourlittle friend Luke's birthday party. His mom, Erika, sent me an invitation and I quickly read it and thought it was a Star Wars party. I was ...kinda off. Turns out it was a Wall-E party.

But before I knew it was a Wall-E party, I had already bought a Star Wars gift. I actually got a little excited about buying a Star Wars gift to be honest. I am a big Star Wars fan. I guess I can thank my dad for turning all three of us girls into Star Wars fans/geeks but it all worked out. I married a Star Wars fan/geek so I guess the good Lord had a plan after all!

I found this Star Trooper Spud at Target his weekend and knew Luke (3) would have to have it! It was just too cute! (And just in case you are wondering, my kids will be subjected to all 6 six movies in their lifetime...however, I will not make them sit through the animated movie "Clone Wars" like E made me do while we were out of town for the hurricane evacuation...LAME!!!)

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andreaunplugged said...

I heart the potato masher weapon!