Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Kicks and Baby Names

While we were in NY, I thought I felt the baby move but I wasn't sure. Having nothing to compare it to, I thought the baby kicking. But last night while I was in bed, the baby started kicking up a storm after I finished off the last little bit of Ben & Jerry's. The kicks were so soft that I almost ignored them until something in my triggered..."IT'S THE BABY!!!" I put the tv on mute so she couldn't only hear my voice and called E into the room. She stopped for a while so I started patting my belly like a drum and talking to her. Sure enough, she started it up again. Everytime she would stop, I would beat my belly and talk to her again and she would start back up again. So amazing!! E was disappointed that he couldn't fell them but he is able to stick his ear up my belly and listen to her. That's something I can't do. Since I knew she was awake, we tried to get Maggie to talk too. Of course, she was too obstanate to cooperate.

Btw, we did pick a least a first name. We are still going back and forth about a middle name and haven't decided on that one yet. But we have decided to call her Rachel. We have been talking about Hope or Leigh for her middle name but both don't seem to fit yet so we are still brainstorming.

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Amanda said...

Oh, so exciting! This is so great! The name Rachel is so pretty too.