Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Step Closer to Being Debt Free

2 and a half years later, (a year and a half early) we finally paid off our car. Ahhhhh One less payment to worry about! Yes, we will end up buying another car later on but for the next year or so, I will be such a blessing to drive 2 cars that are paid for in full.

So now that we have paid off the car, my student loan is the next bill we are tackling. For those of you that are reading this with a confused look on your face, here's a little bit of background. After me and E got married, we decided that we wanted to live debt free. E had been to a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University event and really wanted our life to reflect what he taught. We really didn't stick to it for the first few years. We still used our credit cards and then bought a car, and boy, have we been paying for those years of anti-discipline!! We finally attended FPU together last year and have worked really hard to pay off everything before the baby comes. While I don't think we will make it in time, we will be SOOOO close.

We want to be able to put money away for our kids college, buy a car without having a car payment, invest heavily for our future and give away as much as possible. We don't feel that we can do that if we still owe student loans, car payments and credit card debt. If you are interested in living debt free, Dave Ramsey has a podcast on iTunes and several books. I highly recommend "The Total Money Makeover."

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