Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Family That Votes Together, Stays Together

Me and E always try to go and vote together in the mornings before work. It's nice because we have someone to talk to while we wait in line and someone to laugh with about the crazy things going on at our voting precinct. This morning was no exception. My husband has one of those names that if you add a letter to the end of his name, it turns into a girls name. Well, fortunately, the letter needed to make his name a girls name is also the first letter of his middle name. Since his name is on my military ID, we are often confused for each other. I went through the line, handed the beehive haired old ladies my id, and watched her write my last name on the signature chart but got distracted and didn't watch her write my first name. I signed and stood in line to vote.

The next thing I know, E is in a very confusing predicament because he is having to explain his name and his wife's name are NOT the same. Aunt Bea says "Who is Mrs. Bailey?" I walk back over to the table and we have to explain our names all over again. Luckily the people in line behind us all thought it was pretty funny and weren't too annoyed. ...And I didn't even get a sticker!! What's up with that?

All worth it though!! Don't forget to go and vote. You can't complain about politics for the next 4 years unless you vote today!!!

Lots of pictures coming from our weekend activites but E is supposed to send them to me later on.


Ashley said...

Lucas and I can't vote together, but we might be able to in 4 years! That is amazing to think he could be a citizen during our next election!

Amanda said...

My voting place dosen't give out stickers :( Oh well! But I made it to vote this afternoon and was #436. I can imagine the lines that will be there tonight!