Friday, October 17, 2008

Knock, Knock...Housekeeping

So I told you I was getting a housekeeper right? I think the only reason that E agreed to it was because I couldn't clean the bathtubs anymore and he didn't want to. But for whatever reason, I am glad they are coming now. They come every other week to clean my floors, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Yesterday was the first day and I loved every minute of it. They cleaned my baseboards, the kitchen cabinets, the ceiling fans, the picked up everything and moved it to clean under it, the window sills, even my toaster oven. It is so awesome to know that all I have to do this weekend is laundry!

Thank you God for giving the world housekeepers!!!

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Amanda said...

Yeah, I can definitly see how this would be a blessing! Its hard for me and I can still clean with moving around, but I can't be around those chemicals. Oh, I wish I had a housekeeper!