Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day!!

No, not that Turkey...this Turkey!!

Tomorrow we are on our way home. WooHoo!!! We haven't been home since Christmas of last year so we are anxious to get back and spend time with family. While it won't be exactly what we are used to, it will definately be a blend of what the days to come are going to look like.

With our first child on the way, we are going to have to rethink how we do holidays. I just don't think I will survive caring for an infant in the car for that long next year, Thanksgiving and then 3 weeks later, Christmas.

It takes about 12 or 13 hours to get home and so my husband is going to have alot of fun riding with an 80 pound dog and his wife who is 6 and a half months pregnant, ...this should be interesting!! I think Maggie will do better than me. Swollen feet, achy back and a full bladder....Ugh! This is going to be a long trip!!


Ashley said...

I'm sure having a baby will change your holiday traditions but I'm sure your family will change with you to be with you, E, and baby Rachel! How long will you be in town? I will be out of town through Sunday but I'd love to drop something off for your little sweet pea! ;)

Amanda said...

Good luck with traveling! Take care and have a wonderful holiday eating all of that yummy food :)