Friday, November 14, 2008

E Revelations

Lately, I am noticing that everytime I turn around, E is building a backyard fire in the firepit. It doesn't matter that it's 85 degrees outside, evidently we are in desperate need for a fire every night of the week. This weekend was no different. After starting a fire on Friday and Saturday night, E came home from church on Sunday around lunch and immediately started throwing logs onto the fire. I will never understand men and the attraction to burn things!! We sat around the fire and reminisced about where we were 5 years ago and if we every thought we would be discussing house renovations around fire, in Texas, with a dog, and a baby on the way. Our life has completely turned out much different than I, personally, expected 5 years ago when we got engaged. In a good way though.

Other new things about E I am noticing is his need for a project. I honestly think that's why he got his master's degree. And once the program ended, he walked around the house for the first few days trying to find something to do. But, no worries, I have enough projects around the house that he is getting excited about and they will keep him quite busy for a few months. Hopefully, the renovation funds will keep up with him. And I think I overheard him talking with our Sunday School teacher about substitute teaching our class. I don't know if I will ever get him all figured out.

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Amanda said...

I guess he does need to keep busy, but its all for good. At least you have help around the house getting things ready for baby!!