Monday, November 10, 2008

Babies and Diapers and Wipes... Oh My!!

Have you ever registered? Are you one of those people who actually enjoys registering? If so, our blogosphere friendship is over...or maybe I should take you shopping with me!! I haven't decided yet!

Maybe it was my lack of attention span, my sore feet and the warm temperature of the store, but I hate registering. With a shower coming up next month, and the fact that I am trying very hard to avoid holiday crowds this year, I decided to register in early November. E offered to go with me, which I am eternally grateful for, since he was the one trying out the car seats and the strollers and all of the items that I didn't have the energy to test out. All it took was the payment of one Eggnog Latte from Starbucks. Eggnog Latte? Already? Whatever floats his boat!!

But all of that shopping brought back memories of registering for our wedding? What do you really need? Will I actually use that? I don't cook so why would I want all of these kitchen items? (HA, boy has that changed) Except this time, the threat of everything I didn't know about having kid was starting to give me a small anxiety attack. Seriously though, I had no idea what I was doing. Both of us were flying blindly trying to figure out what we really needed and what normal people actually register for while trying to be practical. With all that being said, I really enjoyed registering for stuff online. I could prop my feet up, throw the laptop in my lap, take my shoes off and slip into some pj's, and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate while I shop at home.

So we registered for a few things and then decided we needed to do a bit more research before registering at the other store. Oh well, it was quality time together right?

P.S. while I didn't enjoy registering, I LOVE EXPECTANT MOTHER PARKING!!!

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