Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bailey Holiday Projects

We just got back from Thanksgiving vacation and after getting stuck in traffic for 4 hours, BOY were we glad to get home. The only problem is that time buffer that I always like between the time you get home and the time you have to go back to work. I missed that buffer and feel like my life is a little nuts with all of the home projects going on, no groceries, a filthy house and mounds of dirty laundry.

Maggie had a good time playing with E's parents puppy, Bob. Bob repeatedly tried to sexually assault Mag but he was lacking in size so she just thought he was playing. He pretty much just rode her tail around the house the whole time since that was all he could wrap he little paws around...if you get the picture. E thought it would be funny to get some VERY graphic pictures of all of the assaulting so I had to search hard for a pic that wasn't too dirty. They played for almost 3 days straight with E's brother (he really loves her and I think I may will her to him) and Mag had such a good time...so good that we had a hard time waking her up in the morning.

What else did we do? Well, my mom found a local thrift store that sells Target returns and rejects so we raided their store and spent a fortune but got so much.
Here is a picture of my biggest purchase. The seams have ripped on our comforter (I think Maggie's claws helped more than anything) so we were looking for a new silk quilt. And I found one at this store for 25 bucks!! All of the other ones I had been looking at were over 200 dollars!! I was thrilled.

We also picked up the bedding for the crib. I really like it and think it will turn out cute once I get the nursery finished. We also picked up several things my mom had started collecting for us...diapers, hangers, clothes, playpen, baby positioner, etc. We are sitting pretty so far.

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Amanda said...

Wow, good deals! The colors on the baby gear is so cute too.