Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Belly Blast

I know I know.  I have been super delinquent about posting belly pictures.  I took one a few weeks ago and meant to post it but forgot and the camera memory card had to be reformatted and we lost the photo.  Sorry!  But here I am at 24 weeks.  I still can't believe I have made it this far with no major anxiety attacks.  It's bizarre that the life as I currently know it, will be completely over in three and a half months.  

We got a good report at the Dr. yesterday.  I was literally told "You are looking good and doing pregnant proud!!"  I think that's good, right?  Swollen feet and swollen fingers are dominating my life these days.  So much so that I have already starting putting certain pairs of shoes into storage.  Since they say you grow a have size shoe size and don't shrink back, I am going to be well deserving a whole new shoe collection.  Thanks E!!!  I eat everything in sight (and in my thoughts).  Homemade chocolate chip cookies go a long way, as does Ben and Jerry's Everything But The...  I love that flavor.  Nothing is left out of the pot.  Soup is still a prominent craving.  Also, strawberries, oranges and apple sauce.  Oh yeah...did I mention I have gained 20 pounds already?  Opps...I guess I forgot that part.  Rachel (the baby) kicks at bed time, lunchtime and REALLY HARD about 4am until I finally get up and feed her breakfast.  What a spoiled princess!!  haha I can already tell she is going to keep me up all night when she finally comes home.

But I hope you enjoy the picture.  I don't think I will ever get used to seeing myself this way.  I just hope the weight comes off as fast as it is coming on!


Amanda said...

You look fantastic! Thanks for sharring. I've got a little bump going on right now, but with you sharring your photos and stories lets me know whats in store for me :)

Ashley said...

Awwww! I'm just so excited for you!

katshaver said...

You are the cutest pregnant woman ever!!!!!!! Such a cute little belly!!! Can't wait to see more over the next 3 months!