Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brushing Maggie's Teeth

E decided Saturday morning that he was would brush Maggie's teeth. Normally we would let the vet or the groomers deal with that but not that day. He is a picture of the struggle. Maggie's wanted to eat the brush and chew on E's fingers...just a little bit...and E wanted to go ahead and get his done.

It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't sent me to get his own personal toothbrush for the task!! Luckily, he had just gotten back from the dentist and had received a new one.


Ashley said...

Haha! Yuck! That would be an awful prank to play on someone... brush the dog's teeth with their tooth brush then put it right back in its place. Hah!

Amanda said...

At least he didn't grab any ol'toothbrush and it turned out to be yours :) What a tough task too!