Monday, November 10, 2008

Sighs of Relief

While I have been sitting quietly in my house, trying not to say anything and waiting patiently, the day finally came this weekend. "What day is that?" you might ask! Oh...a very grand day. The day when all of the stuff that came from our two car garage that's been STUFFED into our house for 3 months slowly chipping away at my sanity IS NO MORE!! E worked really hard this weekend and got floor sealed and almost all of the new shelves hung so we could clean out the house.

You might be asking yourself "Why did this drive her so crazy!" Well, since I couldn't even enter the door threshold of the baby's room, my husband is currently using a green plastic patio chair for a reading chair in his office, and the door into the laundry room from the kitchen was blocked with all of our hurricane and camping supplies (luckily there were 2 entrances into the room), I was starting to loose it. Oh yeah, did I mention the giant blue tarp that covered the items in on the patio from the garage that we ran out of room for in the house?

After all was said and done, it was rather quiet around the house which never happens unless something is wrong. So I went on a hunt for my husband and dog. After searching the yard and the house, I was dumbfounded. "Where are they?" The car was in the driveway, Maggie's leash was still there so they didn't go for a walk...and that's when it hit me that he had a new workspace in the garage. I wish the camera battery wasn't dead because the picture was priceless. E, in his new "Man Space", had pulled out a folding chair and had propped up his feet on the ottoman that is going in the baby's room and was taking a nap in the garage. And there was Maggie, asleep at his right hand.

He is really going to town with this garage renovation project. He stayed out there all night reading Handyman magazines and designing a new workspace for himself. And then last night, I went out to check on him and noticed he had moved one of our spare computers out there and it was all setup and ready to go. I have a feeling that this could either go very well and very bad!!!

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