Friday, January 4, 2008

Home at Last

Well the Christmas festivities just WOULD NOT END!!! But we are finally home after a 10 days road trip with a 50 pound dog. It was wonderful to see everyone but our house was a sight for sore eyes when we pulled the car in Monday afternoon. Too pooped to celebrate New Year's Eve properly with all of the pomp and circumstance it deserves, we ordered take-out from Carraba's, watched a movie and we were asleep before 9pm (that may have had something to do with us getting up at 3am to drive home though).
First we went to my grandparents house in Mobile. If a visit with my grandparents came with instructions, they would look something like this "Sleep, Cook, Eat, Shop, Repeat as needed" (and BOY do we repeat). It all comes complete with the Christmas Eve Seafood Extravaganza, Christmas Eve embarrassing slideshow, the mass entrance and exodus of relatives, and politics over coffee and cake. More about the rest of Christmas later....
*Just to give you an idea of how many people get involved with these festivities... (the poster is a place holder for Uncle Billy)

*There is always room for one more on the cousin's couch...

*Laurel missed her Uncle Pat...

*Mitchell trying to figure out why this lovely piece of art work has been in the yard for the past 30+ years???

*But Tara's not afraid to pose with it!!!

*The ever famous after Christmas nap! Sleep where you can, when you can!! (that sounds like one of those slogans they used to have on Abercrombie shirts)

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