Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Cheer...WooHoo

Well, Friday, the last day of work before Christmas break, is FINALLY here. For the next two weeks, no more getting up at 5am, no more ironing clothes, no more watching the clock. Just me, E, and my little Magpie enjoying the holiday season with friends and family. Sleeping in, Papa's pancakes, Pam's Christmas Quiche, Nanny's stuffed mushrooms, and all of the goodies that we all bring from home because we have to GOT to get all of those sweets out of our house or we will gain 15 pounds.

We so look forward to spending time with everyone. Especially Ashley and Justin. Ashley just graduated from Saint Leo's University with her MBA last week. Congrats!!! And Justin just came home from his first tour as Executive Officer on his new boat. Ash was in Key West with me and she has been my running partner and motivation for the past year (even though the first words out of her mouth when we start lacing up our running shoes are "I am just not motivated today!"). She is my race partner, my excuse to go home early from a night downtown with the girls, the only other CG wife left without kids like me, and my sounding board for all things Coast Guard and job related. As a Central Florida girl, she now lives in Pascagoula. She called the other night and said "I just can't get used to this southern cooking. Fried okra??? What the heck is that?"
**Me and Ash going fabulously stag with all of the other wives at the CG Ball last year.

Of course, we look forward to visiting with all of our close family. That's a given!!! But since we saw most all of you last weekend at the wedding...

Oh well, this is my last blog entry until the new year. So, Merry Christmas to you all from me, E and Maggie. May the new year bring great surprises and unexpected blessings!

Since I hate blogging with no are a few more wedding pics I recieved this week.

**My mom's side of the family/where I get half of all of my good looks

**My cousins Jonathan, Kimberly and Laurel all decked out!!

**E and I dancing the night away with Nanny and Papa. I don't think I have ever slow danced before since I have been such a good Baptist girl all my life. So E was kind enough to teach me the basics.

**The life of the party...Brit, Stacey, Laurel and Will.

**The first time we have gotten all dressed up in a long time...(my husband looks "NICE" in a coat and tie)

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