Thursday, January 24, 2008

Being a Grownup...

Well, Maggie has reached that point where it was time to make a decision whether or not she was going to have babies or not. Me and E have been debating whether or not to breed her or not. She's not a gorgeous dog but she's is very loving, playful, smart and obediant, and one seriously faithful companion. In the end, we made the decision not to breed her.

I made an appointment with the Vet a week in advance and stressed about my decision for the whole week. I know she's only a dog, but she's my dog! Eric has been making jokes with Maggie and me all week like this one directed at Maggie "If you don't eat all of your dinner, Mommie is going to take you to the Dr. to have your reproductive organs taken out." Break my heart, why don't you! I know he's only kidding and he's trying to make light of the situation, but come on! After about 5 of those zingers a day for a week, I was feeling pretty guilty about elective surgery. Just the thought of her not eating for the day, a new Vet she doesn't know, her waking up from surgery in pain and not knowing what just happened, having to spend the night in the kennel without us or her bed, and then of course..the big what if...I was getting a little teary eyed. (like it actually takes much effort these days)

I told E the night before her appointment that he was going to have to drop her off because I was going to be a basketcase if I had to be the one...So he was gracious enough to relieve me of my duties and drop her off yesterday. Since she had to spend the night, he sent her favorite toy (Duckie) along for the night. He even offered to take today off to pick her up as soon as she could come home and keep an eye on her. He redeemed himself from all of the pre-appt hazing with those 3 things in my book. But if it's this hard with my dog, I had to admit that I am going to need some help when I take our kids to get vaccines and checkups, etc. Whew! I have been a mess.

Maggie's home and all is well. She is a few stitches and a shaved belly. She is back to her old self already. Just a little more tired than usual today.

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