Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Skeleton in My Closet

My name is Brooke...and I am an Addict! Yes, this is for real. I have been struggling with this serious addicition for several years now and it has almost shifted the course of my life several times. All of you get your minds out of the gutter!!

I have a serious addicition to paper! And by paper I am mean, cute, interesting paper products, designs, textures, stationary, notepads, and the notecards, OH the notecards!! I find myself standing, staring, and drooling in the stationary isle at Target and Barnes and Noble like a fat man on a diet stares at a twinkie! One of my goals when I left college was to start my own paper design company and I think one day I still may do it!

For those of you wondering where all of this life reflection is going...I found a new office supply store. See Jane Work. There are a few brick and mortar locations in big cities but they carry LOTS of good stuff on their website. Just a few of my very favorites...

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