Thursday, January 17, 2008

Because I never explained a few things...

Well, I had the epiphany this morning that some things on my site are unclear, like "Links I am Loving." I know...they just all just appeared randomly and change randomly. So I want to take this post to explain some of my favorites and why they are my favorites.

Links I am Loving...

--See Jane Work - a little self-explanitory since I wrote a post about that one yesterday.

--MOO - MOO goes along with the paper addiction that I have already fessed up to. MOO lets you create custom designed stationary, notecards, envelopes, business cards, and EVEN STICKER BOOKS!! The sticker books are my favorite parts. Some of my favorite blog owners design for this site. If I only had lots of money to spend here...

--Local Harvest - I have personal and political opinions that inspire me to help my community and myself by buying the food I cook and eat straight off the vines of my neighbors and neighborhood Farmer's Markets. The food tastes completely different and you are supporting the community and people you live in and the small farms that these people own and work. In Beaumont, we only have one Farmer's Market close by and it is only open during the summer. I long for the days of summer again...Local Harvest helps you locate the farmer's markets in your area and some farms have online stores.

--Pandora - The musical genious's of the Pandora site really found a good thing and seem to have capitalized greatly upon this idea. You type in the name of an musical artist that you like, and Pandora finds other music similiar to the type of music you entered in. You can listen free of charge and commercial free for as long as you want. If you like the song, click the thumbs up on the album cover. If you really hate the song, click the thumbs down. I listen to this site daily at work and several different stations on my list.

...I will tell you more about the rest at a later date. Otherwise this post gets long.

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