Monday, January 14, 2008


Is it me or does it seem like we all have the same New Year's resolutions??? Save more money, spend less, eat healthier, and exercise more. BORING!!!

Me, yes, I have a few of those boring ones as well. I plan to budget the same but try to spend less, continue to eat healthy, try to exercise more regularly (it's just TOO darn cold in the mornings, I don't own enough warm clothes to combat those kinds of temps...and I don't even think Maggie would go with me on days like that), I want to get our business off the ground, I want to committ more time to church and community/volunteer activities, find a new job, and try hard to play well with my co-worker (which is actually the hardest resolution of all).

However, one of those resolutions cancels out another one. While trying to cut back on grocery money, I brainstormed to come up with a way to spend less, but yet, eat just as healthy, if not healthier, than usual. We typically spend more time and money in the produce department rather than any of the other departments combined. Fresh ingrediants are EXPENSIVE!!! But they are so much better for you. And for someone who cooks everynight...I need some alternatives to expensive healthy meals, and peanut butter sandwiches and cereal don't count? This is where I need a little audience involvement!!! Anyone out there have a healthy cheap meal?

Just because I think blogs without pics are boring...(and because my sister, Blake, is always whining because she never makes my blog...Blake, this one's for you!!!)


Cherrye said...

Sorry chica...I don't know any good healthy, low-cost meals off the top of my head. Well, I do have a boring pasta recipe that isnt too bad!! :-) Lemme know if you are interested!

And, what is that last resolution??? Piece of cake, if you ask me! Move to Italy!!! That will help! :-)

Lisa M. Dalton said...

Hey Brooke Bailey! I don't know how I made it on your "blogs that inspire" list, but it made me happy...and, well, happy is good!

I like to make hummas. It's super cheap for a snack or a lunch, or for dinner you can make a whole Mediterranean style feast (which is generally heathy with more vegetables than Americans usually eat.) .
I usually make it with sun-dried tomatoes or lately with fresh basil and some parmesan cheese. YUM!