Monday, January 7, 2008

Merry Matejka's

Being in Beaumont is a little scary. Being a military wife is even scarrier!!!

Growing up, I was always cautious who I was friends with. Your friends say alot about who you are and having learned that lesson the hard way, I have remained cautious in my old age. (HA!) But being a military wife speeds things up tremendously. All of the sudden, you are dropped into a far away place, where you know noone, your family and friends are hundreds of miles away, your job situtation is questionable, and then, to top it off, your husband gives you a big hug and kiss and says "See you in 2 months!!" Talk about Terror!!

But I am glad I let my guard every now and again. Me and Ashley hit it off immediately in Key West having both been stranded there with no hope. I love my friends here, but I miss my seasoned friendships. Yes, my friends here in town are great, but none that already know how I think, none of them already know the things that get on my nerves, none that have already seen me have a total meltdown, none that think very similiar to the way I do.

Me and Ash and our husbands had dinner over the holiday. Having found no luck moving from state to state and finding the perfect job immediately (or at ALL), we have to decided to start our own business. We are going to work out of our homes marketing and creating and maintaning websites. You can't beat going to work in your PJ's, taking off whever you need to, getting to stay home with your kids (whenever we get to that point), and not having to put up with all of the political fanfare that have overrun our jobs these days.

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