Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wedding Days are Here Again

Well, my cousin Jonathan and his brand new wife Tara got married on Saturday. Such a beautiful wedding. I was so ready to go home though. After crying on Thursday before we left for job related reason, I cried on Friday at the rehearsal dinner because of a “through the years” powerpoint presentation with pictures of the two of them growing up and all of the family and then the beautiful speech Tara gave about Jonathan (since he also graduated from Southern Miss this weekend too). My mom looked at me afterwards and said “I am so glad you didn’t have one of those at your wedding. Tara’s mom is a wreck now.”

Then the crying started again on Saturday evening during the seating of the mothers and grandmothers. They all walked down the aisle crying, sat down in their seats, and immediately reached for their purses and tissues. The bridesmaids came in with tear stained dresses. During the ceremony, my grandfather read a letter that he had written Jonathan on the day he baptized him as a child. Then after the lighting of the unity candle, they passed out flowers, hugs and kisses to all of their parents and grandparents. The tears just flowed. I really regretted not buying a bag of tissues.

I got home on Sunday night and started putting together a casserole for dinner the next night. After crying everyday for the past 3 days, I just couldn’t handle crying a fourth. When it came time to chop up 2 cups of onion, I dug into my gym bag, found my swim goggles, attached them to my face and then went back to cooking. I know I looked like a complete moron, but there wasn’t a trace of a tear. E just stared at me when I walked back to the kitchen. I said “What?” He said “Cutting onions?” I nodded and continued walking through to the kitchen. Is it widespread crazy when he knows how my mind works?

Congratulations Jonathan and Tara! Good luck in everything!

**Jonathan, Tara, and my sister Blake. (sorry Tara, bad pic but it was the only I had of you from the wedding)

**Me and E enjoying the scrumptious spread of food.

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