Friday, December 21, 2007

Hot Soups for the Cold Texas nights...

Well, I am still waiting on the cold weather to come. I put on a long sleeve shirt this morning and by lunch time, it was 75 degrees. I guess I should be more grateful considering I still haven't purchased any clothing items to get me through the winter months. It was a BIG plus living in Florida and never having to buy clothes for each season. I could wear the same clothes year round. But now that I am back on the mainland, I thought things would be different. I have been waiting all month for a good excuse to wear my new coat, with no success. So much for a white Christmas!!

Here's some new soup recipes I tried last week for those of you in a colder climate or ...just because you like soup.

Creamy Turkey and Corn Soup - So good over some corn chips with some sour cream and cheese sprinkled over the top. And what else can you do with all that leftover turkey from the holidays.
**Since I forgot to take a picture of either of them for you all, here's someone else's pic of their turkey soup.

Beer Cheese Soup - I was surprised how good it was. My mom used to make cheddar soup when we were growing up and all those memories came back when I ate this. I had this soup for my first meal after I got my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 16. I can remember eating it out of a travel coffee mug during the rush of the week long nightly Christmas musical rehearsals (We ate soup in the car or we didn't eat at all).

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