Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You Go Carson…It’s your Birthday

Thursday afternoon I got a message from Erika asking if I wanted to help her and Elizabeth decorate Carson’s birthday cake Friday night…Sure why not…What else am I really doing…

Elizabeth picked me up around 8 and we decorated the cake until 11:30 that night. Holy Cow. I was so tired. Erika is one of those moms with more kids than arms. I hope I can do it as good as she does though. Her middle child Carson turned 4 last weekend they threw a bowling extravaganza... complete with the bowling hall, our own personalized bowling t-shirts, and the aforementioned bowling cake. Just a few highlights...

*E trying to stay calm but there are just too many kids.

*E giving in to the insanity and entertaining our friend Ty.

*Me and E trash talking our bowling game with our opponents, the grandpas!!!

*Dave, Erika, Natalia, Carson – the birthday boy, and Luke

*The cake that took 4 of us to decorate…What are friends for!

*Carson LOVES his special bowling cake, especially the black icing!

*E giving Dave some pointers.

*Helping Lucy (another mom with more kids than arms) by holding Ty.

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