Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Maggie and the Mole

Once upon a time, a little girl got a puppy. That puppy grew so big. She started getting very smart. So smart that she could hear and smell anything and everything. She chased squirrels and birds all day long. Then one day, while visiting her Nanny’s house, the puppy spotted a pile of dirt. She liked dirt piles. They were good for digging. But this particular dirt pile was in the middle of the grass. She was curious when she found another pile not far from the first. And then another and then another.

**Maggie mole hunting

All of the sudden, she smelled a mole. She had never seen a mole and was very excited to meet her first mole. She howled into the night air asking Mr. Mole to come out and meet her. He didn’t answer. So she howled again asking him to come out and play. No answer again. This made the puppy sad. So she decided she would go find Mr. Mole herself. She immediately began digging into the dirt piles to try to find Mr. Mole. He continued to hide from the puppy.

The little girl looked at her watch and saw that it was bedtime for the puppy. She called for her to get ready for bed. The puppy came inside and sat in her lap, sad, because Mr. Mole would not come out and play. And they all “lived” happily ever after.

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