Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lonestar Christmas

Well the tree is finally up. A little scraggly thing … but nonetheless, it is up. Me and E have always spent very little time together during the weeks leading up to Christmas because of the needs of his job, but this will be our first year where we get to spend time together throughout the whole month. With that being said, we have always had a miniature palm tree for a Christmas tree since I have always been the one to bring it home by myself. After getting out the boxes of ornaments and beginning to decorate our brand new giant (to us) Christmas tree, I started noticing that our ornaments from our palm tree were being engulfed by the tree. So we went out and bought a few more ornaments and we still need more. But everyone has to start somewhere…Right? So without ado, welcome the Southernmost Bailey Christmas Tree.

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