Thursday, December 20, 2007

Budget Christmas

Well, since I have already spent a fortune on Christmas decorations, I looked into alternative Christmas decorations that I don’t have to buy. I love this idea because in two years with the colors are no longer popular, I am not wasting space in the landfill with all of the Christmas decorations that I no longer want.

Our Sunday School lesson last week was about Adam and Eve and the beginnings of the earth as we know it now. We talked about all of the responsibilities that Adam was given. One of those responsibilities was to take care of the garden where he lived…And as Christians, shouldn’t we all heed those instructions?? Taking care of the communities we live in is not only common sense but a command from God. With that being said, I am no environmental fanatic that is going to sterilize myself to reduce my carbon footprint. Click here to see the article if you haven't already heard about this! But I would like people to stop throwing their empty beer cans in my yard, I would like to see my neighbors take responsibility for their homes, animals and trash, and finally, for our city to reinstitute their recycling program.

While I am waiting for those people to wake up a little bit, one of the things I did this year was to make a lot of my own Christmas decorations. So here are a few examples:

**Here is my tree with Cranberry Strands wrapped across the front… $5.67 and decomposable.

**Hat boxes for Gift boxes…$3.99 a piece, great for gifts, gift boxes and after Christmas storage. Reusable.

**I made a completely budget centerpiece complete with a red and green paper chain and paper snowflakes… $free and decomposable. (and it covers up my crappy chandelier that I haven’t replaced yet) Click here to learn how to make the snowflakes.

**Here is my centerpiece…Cloved Oranges… $7 and decomposable.

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