Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why? Why?

So 39 weeks has come and still nothing is happening! We went yesterday and to my surprise, I was scheduled to be induced on Thursday (as in tomorrow). I told her I didn't think I was mentally ready for that and then when I got "checked" and nothing was progressing, so we needed to shift our dates anyway. Sigh!

As of now, I am supposed to be induced on Monday morning but since NOTHING is happening, they aren't expecting me to have the baby until Tuesday. Ummm....a full day of labor? Maybe they know something that I don't but that doesn't excite me at the very thought. And maybe I misunderstood. Because there were alot of dates being thrown around and I didn't realize what I had heard until we pulled in the driveway at home. Yes, my ankles and legs are swollen beyond recognition, Yes, my back is killing me, Yes, the heartburn is almost unbearable. But a full day of labor? I don't know. The baby can't stay forever. She only has 2 more weeks until they have to go get her regardless.

Either way, last night was a sleepless night with all of thoughts that run through my head and I am sure I will have a few more of those before it is all said and done...oh yeah, and many more to come.

Ok Ok Back to work (insert sound of whip cracking)! So much to do on my last week of work.


Amanda said...

I don't know if its better to know the date your baby will arrive or not know and let the baby decide. Well, regardless of the lengh of the labor (which I hope to be short and sweet for you), I wish you the best and I can't wait to see pictures of the brand new baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I went for a checkup for my 2nd child 2 days before the due date and was told they prob had the dates wrong and that I would prob carry another six weeks since the baby was so small. 3 days later I went in to labor and delivered a 6 lb 11 oz baby! I wish for you the same! Try not to dwell on the negative and just know that soon you'll be holding your daughter!!!