Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am a super dummy! I thought that the 23rd was on tuesday and that I would be in labor all day on Monday and the baby wouldn't be born until the 23rd. Evidently I need to learn to read a calendar instead of making on up inside my head. Let's just chalk it up to a pregnancy side effects.


Anonymous said...

it's ok. i'm just glad you didn't black out and drive into someone's house. (i know that's not funny, i'm really truly happy that wasn't you!)

Amanda said...

I'm sure that's a huge relief for you!! Gatta love that pregnancy brain, huh?!?

Ashley said...

Yay! I'm glad to know they aren't already planning on a full day of labor. Hopefully you can talk some sense into her and she won't give you any trouble. Haha! So unless something unforeseen happens little Rachel's birthday is February 23rd! How exciting!! Good luck, Brooke! We'll be thinking about you! Let us know how everything goes as soon as you can (I know you'll be a little busy). Haha!