Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Party

Erika invited us for dinner Saturday night for dinner and company. She was making Smitten Kitchen's (Or as her husband, Dave, calls her, "That Lady") Spaghetti and Meatballs. Erika said "Before you say yes to coming, I just want to warn you that there will be 10 kids here Saturday night." Ahhh what a romantic Valentine's evening. It wasn't bad though...We barely even saw the kids since they ate on the front porch and played in the back room. And our friends all have good kids.

Let me just say that I hate meatballs with a serious passion!! I have never liked them. I love spaghetti though and just thought that I would eat the spaghetti and bypass the meatballs. But I am game to try anything so I put one meatballs on my spaghetti. Wow...those were awesome and I went back to get more. SO GOOD! What else did we have? Heather made an awesome salad and Lucy brought the garlic bread and Kristy and Elizabeth helped to make the chocolate mousse for dessert. I brought the chocolate covered strawberries. No...they weren't homemade...I bought them at the grocery store and ...NO...they weren't good. I could have definately made them better than they did so thanks goodness the girls made chocolate mousse. Here are a few pics from the event.

Brian and Kristy feeding Finley.

The chocolate covered strawberries (that weren't good but looked good).

Some of the spread.

The boys playing Wii and swords and guns...and I think that one kids is trying to play Wii with a bow and arrow??? I am so glad I am having a girl. I think the girls were sharing an ipod and singing in their room.

Erika, posing with her table decorations after the meal was finally finished and dessert had been served.
Since I forgot to get a before picture of the chocolate mousse before I ate mine, I am giving you an after picture. And case you were was good!
Matt and Natalia stuck platic hearts all over their faces but Matt was the only one who wasn't too shy for the camera.

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Amanda said...

Those strawberrys do look delicious, but that stinks that they weren't that good. At least you had chocolate mousse to make up for it. Yummy!