Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update

While we typically work at least an hour a night on the house these days, Friday night was the exception. Since we worked all night Wednesday and Thursday, we figured that we deserved a break. So a little pizza and a little movie .... much needed.

But back to work on Saturday. It was a long day of painting, laundry, cooking and caulking. No more pictures of renovations for a while. It's nice to see a little bit of difference being made each day and I want you all to be floored when you see the final product.

E left early to attend a boys night at Matt's house where they grilled some fish and he was able to take Maggie too so that she could play with their dog, Neal. While they did their "boys thing," I stayed home and made The Lady and Sons Lasagna, Blueberry Compote and Chocolate Espresso Shortbread Cookies. I love to put the Blueberry Compote between 2 whole wheat blueberry waffles for breakfast and I had a Ghirardelli dark chocolate toffee bar just sitting around looking for a good why not cook. Besides this may be the last time I actually want to cook for a while. But I also made the lasagna so that I would have a few meals in the freezer for after the baby gets here. So I plan on putting it in the over tonight and eating it for dinner, BUT that still leaves 3/4 of a casserole dish for left overs.

I know I know...thinking ahead!!

Sunday, I made 2 big pots of Southwest Chicken Chili. One for us and one for Renee and Russell who just a baby on Wednesday. Congratulations to them on the birth of their son, Isaac. Renee was three weeks ahead of me and so I always got the 411 on everything that was going to happen to me 3 weeks ahead of time!! That was nice!! And we didn't even eat half of our pot of chili and I can throw the rest of that in the freezer too for the post baby season! Told you...thinking ahead!!

I do have a picture or 2 though from Sunday night. I took a nap and when I woke up, I saw this. E, napping, and Maggie watching tv (which she never does) in the living room. But then I took a closer look. She was actually watching the AKC Dog Show. It makes me wonder if she actually got a hold of the remote control...


Ashley said...

Haha! Cute pic!

Sounds like you are getting prepared... So two more weeks then?

Amanda said...

That is a great idea about thinking ahead with meals! I might have to add that one to the list of things to do on my end before the big D-Day!

SO cute about Maggie watching TV!