Friday, February 13, 2009

Same Old Nothing!

The much anticipated Dr.'s appointment was yesterday and we had lots of questions since I am less than 2 weeks away at this point. I had been working my butt off all week trying to get my body to start "getting ready" for birth. Every week I go to the Dr., I hear the same thing... "Nope, nothing yet!" And I have been determined not to hear that again this week.

After getting a lower than usual blood pressure reading and a "mile marker" of a weigh in, I was feeling a little bit down by the time we made it into the exam room. The nurse practitioner came in and we talked for a while. Then the Dr. came in towards the end of our conversation to "check" things to see if I had made any progress. And guess what? NOTHING!!!!!!! STILL!! Sigh! So this isn't a good sign at this point. I am going in again next week to get checked one more time and if nothing is happening still, I am being admitted to the hospital next Monday night and having the baby Tuesday morning. The risk for a C-section is higher when you get induced with your first pregnancy but with my blood pressure dropping and the fact that body is not getting ready as it should, I am carrying that risk regardless. Sigh...this is so scary but the fact that this will all be over in 10 days have no words for that!


Amanda said...

Well, I hope within the next few days your body will start to make the progress. But if it dosen't, I wish you the best for your c-section. Please keep us posted either way. Good luck!

sigraber said...

Just breathe!!! All that really matters is that the baby gets here...not the means by which she did it. :) This, coming from a c-section 2-timer! Don't let that scare you either, mine were GREAT!!! NO LIE!!!

squeeli2 said...

I'm praying that things will go well and no c-section will be needed. Just wanted to tell you though that I have delivered both ways. My c-section was first. I actually think my recovery was a little easier with my c-section. The first week or so was more painful, but I felt like I got better faster with that one. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Can't wait to hear how it all goes and see some pics.