Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too Funny to Pass Up!

Last night, E and I went to Babies/Toys R us to buy a glider. (And not a moment too late...boy, I just thought they kept that stuff in stock. I didn't think about them having to order it and then it takes 2 weeks to come in. Whew!) The whole time, E kept chiding me about the fact that I get a rocking chair, why can't he have an X-box. (But does he actually want an X-box? No. He just likes to get a rise out of me.)

So after we ordered the rocking chair, we walked over to the Toys R Us side of the store. We walked through the little girl stuff at his insistance for a little while. He was looking around in disgust at all of the toys for girls and said "I just don't think I am going to ever be ready to raise a girl. I don't know how to play with any of this stuff!" Then we passed by the GI JOE/Star Wars row and the kid in him came out VERY FAST! I heard "Oh Cool!! Check this out!!" and knew we were going to camp out on that aisle for a while.

It's no wonder that I am a military wife since my husband worships GI Joes, so much so, that he still has all of his old Joe's that move around with us wherever we go. One Joe in particular caught both of our eyes, and evidently we both have good eyes because the part that stood out was the small print on the front of the box that read "Made from 100% recycled AWESOME!!"
How funny is that??


Amanda said...

So funny! Hey, I know you guys are going to the theaters when the new GI Joe movie comes out :)

That is neat that the doll is made out of recycled products.

The Franklin's said...

Genius! I love it! I think I need one. My dad can never remember anyone's names and when John and I were dating he called him GI Joe! Luckily he has since learned his name considering we've been married almost 2 years!
Hope to see pictures of that little girl soon! Good luck with everything!