Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Last year, E asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day. I was just exstatic when he offered to make a special dinner that night for me. Of course, dinner took forever to make and we didn't actually sit down to eat until almost 9pm and I also found myself helping with it because I would see things that were about to burn. But I guess it's the thought that counts. He's not the "send you flowers" kind of guy. More of the "get you something you actually need" kind of guy. I remember for V Day while we were still dating, he got me a USB flash drive. Another time, I got a choice of some really cool looking bands for my digital watch which was starting to smell.

We really don't do anything major for holidays for each other. We are typically content just to be together, healthy and happy. It's typically just a day of reflection on everything that the Lord has blessed us with. He is so funny though...every year we make a plan of what we are going to do and then when it gets closer, he just wants to make sure that he is meeting my expectations so he asks "Are you getting me anything for V Day?" This is meant to test the waters. With all this being said, I need to say that I have never recieved flowers. He knows that I would rather have something I actually need. Last year, he asked if I wanted some flowers and I think my comment back was "Why? What's wrong? Are you cheating on me? "

This year, I think we are just going to have dinner somewhere together since it may be our last quiet meal together without paying for a babysitter for the next 20 years. Ironically, we did this last night too??? I just enjoy not cooking and not cleaning up the kitchen and not feeling guilty about feeding my husband cereal for dinner for the third night this week.

So to all of you and the ones that you love, Happy Valentine's Day!


Amanda said...

Oh, how cute! I think going out for dinner, nice and quite is the way to go. Flowers cost a ton for the holiday and why not spend that money on some nice food?!?!

I've never received flowers for vday either, but that's ok. Its either just receive something practical (like you guys) or chocolate. Happy vday to you too!!

sigraber said...

Those dinners out by yourselves are getting ready to become priceless...there will be plenty of time for cereal dinners later. Besides, no one died from eating cereal for dinner! :)