Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Shower and Other Surprises

This Sunday I had my baby shower here in Texas. Elizabeth hosted it at her house with the help of Erika, Lucy and Kristy. Everything was beautiful and delicious! (especially the cake I told you about yesterday) The baby and me got lots of cute and useful stuff so here are just a few pics of the shower and the booty!!

Me with the hostesses...sorry for the silver shirt and the flash RADIATING off of my shirt!!!

2 summer dresses and a long sleeve onesie.

Some burp cloths, teething rings, car seat protector, and Baby Einstein CD.

A bottle sterilizer.

A feeding pillow/baby prop cushion.

E has already claimed this baby gift for his own...he says that the video monitor is just the first step in the video home surveillance process!!
Also, I got a gift in the mail from Ashley at the Linares Family with a sweater and onesie inside. So cute! They both say "Sweet Pea" which is what we called the baby for the longest time until we found out she was a girl! Thanks Ash!


Ashley said...

Your shower looks so nice!! That video monitoring system is so high-tech. I had no idea babies gave dads even more reason to get all that stuff. Haha!

I'm glad you like the sweet pea set!!

Amanda said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Also, getting all the goodies is a bonus. I still think abou that cake :)