Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks GOD It's Friday!!

I know I am not the only one that is exhausted after a long week. Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend!!!

Since "NOTHING" is happening regarding the birth of my daughter (can you tell I am still bitter about this?!?), I am keeping busy at home. I was told by the dr. that misery was in my future. Those last 3 weeks, you just start spitting venom you are so miserable. But I was feeling fine and thought nothing of it. The next day, the misery began. But I am not that person that can sit on the couch and relax when there are things to be done. Plus, I always feel guilty when E is working on the house and I am relaxing. So, instead of putting my feet up, I decided to put a coat of paint on the walls of the laundry room, do the baby's laundry, and help E install the new carpet tiles.
I felt so bad for him scraping the old vinyl tiles off of the floor but we put all of the carpet tiles we had down and realized we only had enough to do about half of the room. So he put down as much as he could and then laid in the floor and wrestled with Maggie on the new carpet!!

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Amanda said...

Good luck keeping yourself busy. There isn't anything more frustrating when you want something to happen and it dosen't.