Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Cooking Wednesday is Just a Fluke!

Yes it's Wednesday and yes I am posting a recipe, but by no means is this the return of "What's Cooking Wednesday!" Too much crazy happening at the Bailey household.

Well there are 3 soups that I love to make every winter...One of those soups is Beer Cheese Soup! I have a recipe that I used last year from William-Sonoma that I kinda liked but I thought I would try a new recipe this year just to mix things up. I am always leary of using a Cooking Light recipe because I know I am going to have to doctor it up to give it some smidgen of taste. And this time was no different. I had to add plenty of extra salt and pepper to taste and I also doubled the cheese that I put in there.

Since we all have different taste buds (and I am pregnant and things taste weird) I will post both recipes...the one from last year and the one fromt his weekend. The Beer Cheese Soup from last year had a much smoother texture and was much quicker to make but the taste of beer was alot more than I wanted.

The Beer Cheese Soup from this weekend was a little thicker and it called for homemade croutons and sliced green onions. Also, the taste of beer was no where to be found...more of a thick cheddar soup. So if you have lot of time, try them both and see for yourself which one you liek the most...this year's? Or last year's!

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