Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nursery Time

Me and E spent all Monday morning trying to put together the baby's crib. We kept putting it off over and over again and I am glad we did. We really needed some extra time. It wasn't a new crib. But I had cleaned, sanded and repainted it and it was looking great. However, we started putting it together and quickly realized that we were missing MORE THAN A FEW parts.

Luckily, E is the "think on your feet" kinda guy and immediately started going through his stashes of extra fasteners and before we knew it, the crib was done. The front gate doesn't move up and down like it is meant to but we can just adjust the mattress height when we get to the different stages of the baby's life. But nothing was spent here and I am super proud to proclaim this. The bedding is from a friend back home, Emily, the sheets were given to me by my 3rd grade best friend, Ashley, (she found sheets she had never even opened when we went to visit), my parents gave us the crib and we used paint we already had in the garage and a little elbow grease!
But here is a preliminary look at the nursery. Keep in mind that it's not finished yet and won't be until my mom comes a few days before she's due. But regardless, this is a good start and I feel ready.
Here is the changing table, given to me by the same friend that gave me the sheets, Ashley, with all of the storage containers that my sis, Brit, gave me.
Here is the night table I just finished painting along with the new lamp I just bought.
These are all apothecary vases I I got at the beach this summer and ironically, my Nanny gave me a large one that matched for Christmas so I went out and found one more that matched and filled them all with Valentine candy. I still think I need to double the amount of jelly beans in the large jar but until then, I think it turned out really well.
I finished the chair before Christmas and bought a rug last week. I really like that rug and I seem to have to fight Maggie to get off of it.
Now I am just waiting for my mom to show up and make pillows for the bed and paint a few peices of artwork for the walls.
Oh I am at 35 weeks in my pjs. 5 weeks to go. I have completely lost sight of my feet, which is probably a good thing since my ankles are softball sized these days but all in all, now that the nursery is somewhat put together, I feel alot more ready for my own version of Labor Day.


Amanda said...

Yeah! Its looks great so far and I'm sure the room will look fantastic when its complete. I bet you feel so much better knowing that its almost done (the room I mean).

Wow, 5 weeks to go! Its seems like yesterday you just discovered the great news.

Ashley said...

Your nursery is looking so cute! Can't wait to see it with all the new things your mom is bringing!

I'm with Amanda.... I can't believe you only have 5 weeks left. It probably has felt like an eternity to you, though.