Monday, January 5, 2009

Pregnant and Clumsy

Since I am finding that clumsiness is definately a pregnancy symptom, I am racking up on things I have broken, dropped, spilled, tore get the idea! This morning, started a brand new day for me though...until I knocked over the coffee press with my belly. Poor E!! No coffee this morning.

I guess I should go ahead and update everyone on the baby thus far while we are talking! We hit 33 weeks (out of 40) on Wednesday. I am bigger than life and can barely turn over in bed. Walking around is a nightmare especially during the holiday shopping season. I only last about an hour. Baby is BIG these days. We typically sleep in shifts. I sleep at night while she stays up and I keep watch during the day while she sleeps off and on. E likes to watch my belly which contorts into odd shapes these days depending on how she is positioned. My sister said that I should go ahead and get my hospital bag packed just in case. That realization SCARED ME TO DEATH!!! I wasn't ready to hear that! But she is right and I have no idea how much longer I can last. Thank goodness all of the traveling is over.

But after a visit with family and friends over the Christmas holiday, I am feeling much more prepared, at least mentally!! The nursery is getting closer to being ready. We bought the stroller this weekend since we had a serious coupon for the day after Christmas and we were also given a changing table from a childhood friend of mine. Yah!!!! I think a little organization and elbow grease will reveal a gem in time.

More pictures and holiday updates to come...


susanv said...

Hey girly! It was good to see you this weekend at the princess party. Glad you made it safely home! BTW, you are so not huge! You should have seen me pg with baby #2. You should still probably get your bag packed anyway just in case.

Amanda said...

Wow, 33 weeks already! You are almost there. Hang in there! Yeah, I can imagine how that could be an eye opener about the hospital bag suggestion.