Friday, January 30, 2009

Lots of Work

There are so many projects going on at the Bailey house this week that I thought I would share the main 2 with you and hopefully have the finished product pictures for you on Monday! I am so excited that all of this is finally getting done. E and his pop have been working well into the night for the past 2 nights and again today. Wednesday night I worked with them and painted and almost finished painting the living room but these past 2 days have been full of sleepless nights so I have been going to bed early. I lay in bed and hear the sounds of hammers and saws and the backdoor opening and closing...they have been working really hard!! But here are a few pictures of the work.

The basket shelf still has to come down and they are going to add a back to it today and then it will be done with the exception of a coat of paint. The new walls and the hinged storage bench just need a coat of paint as well.
Here is the desk that E has been working on for me. He finally finished it last night and now we just need a coat of paint here as well.
Here is my project...I finished painting the living room except for this part that I couldn't reach without the boys moving furniture for me...and I think I can do this even after my father-in-law leaves. However, I did have to call E a few times to come help me off of the floor after I finished trimming the baseboards.

The project for today include a book shelf behind my desk and some shelves over my desk. Hopefully they can get around to the recessed lighting and chandelier project this afternoon too but I will be happy regardless of what they finish up today. (Sigh of relief) Do you know how long I have been waiting for this room to be finished and to have a desk? All of the contents of my desk have been in a box crammed in a closet for the past 2 years. There is still lots to do but at least I can help with the painting...I am not so good with the power tools!! So this GREAT!!!


Amanda said...

It all looks great, I can't wait to see finished photos!

Ashley said...

I am so impressed. That is a ton of work and done so fast!! You've got some good men on the job. I have a handy husband and granddad but they aren't that fast.

P.S. Did you get anything in the mail from us this week. It hope it made it there. :)

The Franklin's said...

I am so amazed at the do-it-youself projects you guys do! John is soooo not handy, it would turn into a huge mess if any of those things were attempted in the Franklin household!