Friday, January 23, 2009

Recipes to Share

So I have had this post ready since Tuesday and have been waiting to post it until I remembered to post the pictures and I keep forgetting. So before the post becomes 100% irrelevant, I am just going to go ahead and post it without the pictures and play catch up later. Enjoy...

Well, it was a long weekend in more ways than one. With a sunday school social at our house, a dinner at our house, I helped at a friend's baby shower, finished the nursery and re-organized the kitchen and E's closet, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. But there was alot of cooking that went on in my kitchen.

First, I made the clementine cake from Smitten Kitchen that I told you about earlier and honestly didn't like it. I made it for dinner guests on Sunday night and they all seemed to eat it up but I guess I am my own worst critic. I sent some home with Erika and Elizabeth who were dying to try it and will find out their reactions later on. It was a super easy cake to make and fairly cheap too with only eggs, baking powder, clementines and almond powder(which I still can't believe I found in our small town grocery store). Since I forgot my pictures, here is Smitten Kitchen's picture of the cake.

Second, I made a Brie Puff Pastry using my Blueberry Compote Recipe. I love this recipe and don't know what I would do without it. It's so good and so easy, I think I may make again this weekend for some friends. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of it but will try to remember to this weekend.

Third, there is enough of Giada's Chicken Carbonara in my fridge to last us a week and I have already given some away. It's excellant though. Such a good dish for when friends come over for dinner. It never as good the second day have to add a little more heavy cream and shredded parmasan cheese before you warm it in the microwave.

Last but not least, Bacon Spinach Quiche. I made 2 of these for our class at church on Sunday and everyone seemed to love it...including me...I had 2 peices. E ate the one peice that was left with his fingers in the car on the way home...I will take that as a sign that he liked it. The recipe called for swiss cheese and a refridgerated pie crust(which I forgot to get at the store) but I used colby jack cheese and a frozen pie crust instead. Turned out great. Super easy and super quick. Definately worth trying!

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