Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is Happening?

Well, E's dad arrived last night to help work on the house for a few days. E took a few days off of work to work with him and I am very thankful for them both!! It is such a relief to have a husband who is actually handy! This is what he did this weekend. He got all of the walls installed until he ran out of wood and then installed a light fixture. I love days like this one where at the end, you can really see the difference in what you started with and what you ended with.

What did I do? was Saturday after all...and then I painted a little more of the Living Room took a nap! But we have lots of plans for this week since the boys are working for 3 days straight, that I hope come to fruition...

1.) finish the laundry room
2.)install recessed lighting in the dining room
3.) hang new chandelier in the living room

If they finish all of those things and I finish painting the Living Room, we are really putting a dent in our work. Wish us lots of luck!!

P.S. Here's a picture of Maggie when E opened up a new bag of dog food and left it in the floor for her to chow down...What a bunch of animals!! I guess this is the dog version of drinking milk out of the carton!

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