Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Tea Numero Uno

I had a Baby Tea when I went home for Christmas. Some friends of mine and my parents' wanted to throw us a baby tea. They threw it in our home church's foyer with the Christmas tree and everything and it turned out so beautiful!!! Everything was perfect! We ended up getting SO MUCH STUFF from the shower and from family members that we couldn't even take half of it home with us. Luckily E's dad is stopping by before the baby comes to help out with the renovations for a few days and will bring some with him and then my folks will bring the rest when they come for the birth!! But between a bouncer, 2 strollers, all of the diapers and wipes and clothes and toys, our car was PACKED to the top!! Anyway, back to the baby tea, thanks to Brooke and Emily to planning everything and thanks to Martha, Brenda and Sherri for their help in hosting. It was perfect. Here are a few pictures:
E's mom, Me, Mom and My Nanny

The tables were so cute all decorated in pink and white polka dot table cloths.

My Nanny watches as I open presents and my sister, Blake, writes everything down.


Amanda said...

Looks and sounds like you had so much fun. That's great that you guys received so much stuff too. That always helps.

Ashley said...

That looks so gorgeous!! It also looks like Baby Rachel made out!!