Friday, January 23, 2009


I feel like such a slacker this week since I don't feel like I have posted anything at all. Most of this slackerness comes from the fact that I got that computer virus going around on my machine here at work so I am working from a lab computer. Good Times!! So as a quick update, I thought I would show the progress being made on my house.

First, E was able to finished the laundry closet this weekend. So we (nevermind, not we, but E and a friend from work) finally got the washer and dryer stacked and into the closet this weekend so guess what I did all day Saturday? You guessed it ... LAUNDRY!!! Since the washer and dryer had been unhooked for so long, laundry had seriously piled up. Here are a few pictures.

Since the nursery is as finished as it can get for the time being (awaiting family to bring the rest of the stuff we couldn't fit in our car on the way home from the Christmas), I needed a new project. I have this mindset that at some point I am going to be too miserable to help around the house so I am working hard until that day comes...if that day comes. So I started painting the living room last night. Here is the color...yes, I really loved the green but after 2 years of the green, I was ready for a change. Plus, I saw this color in my sister's house and fell in love with it so don't think for a second that this was an original idea! I decided this over Christmas break so I was able to collect all of my new accessories and pillows and dishes at home with all of the nice stores that were having nice sales after the holidays! Hold on..accessory colors are orange and yellow! You will will all come together and be AWESOME!!

My new dining room chandelier from CB2 came in the mail yesterday. I am excited about this...Look at my old contractor grade chandelier and you will find out why I am so excited about the new addition. We have had a rule at our house that we will not change any of the bulbs in the old light. So if all the bulbs go out, then the time has come to get a new one. We got the new one just in time...there are only three bulbs left.

And last but not least, the baby's new playyard came in the mail yesterday too. Small story behind this...Me and E have been saving our change for about a year now. I saw at the local grocery store that they had a coin star. I had used these in the past and enjoyed the fact that I got cash and didn't have to count all of that change even if I lost 10% of the money as a service fee. Now, you can buy a gift certificate to a few vendors and you get to keep the extra 10%. So I started thinking and researching. Since Amazon is one of the vendors, I checked Amazon's baby stuff to see if there was anything I could use. HECK YEAH!! They have alot of stuff! So I got an Amazon gift certificate and was able to pay for playyard and a few other small things for the baby. I was was like all of that stuff was free because I never think about how much change I have. So here is the new playyard.
Next week, E is taking a few days off of work to work on the house with his pop, who is coming into town for a few days to help out! We are very thankful for this!! So I hopt to have more pictures for you next week!


Amanda said...

That's a great idea with the coinstar gift cert. I don't go often to the machine since I wait until I have a bunch of change to cash in, but I will def think of that option next time. Thanks for the tip!

Also, I can't wait to see when the painting is all done! Everything else looks great too.

Ashley said...

That laundry nook is looking great. Can you reach that top one??

I looove that new color for the living room. We still have several rooms that need to be painted. I don't know which one yet but I think I might like to try this color, too. Do you mind if I copy? Is it a Benjamin Moore color or what?

I love that new chandelier, too! We need a new one. I think I'm just going to paint ours for now. Of course, I've been saying that since we moved in and it is still gold. Ugh!

Good job with all of your productivity! I think I need to get on the ball myself! We still have tons to do around the house.

Brooke said...

It is pittsburg paints...I took the paint sample to Lowes to get a cheaper color but I could only remember what she bought. The one I got from Lowe's is Stone____? I can't remember the second word.

You want productivity at your house? get pregnant!! Let the nesting phase begin!! I am on a never ending rampage these days to make sure everything is organized and clean and finished before the baby comes because after's all will I feel? will the baby sleep? will the baby be healthy? how soon will E have to go back to work? How many people are going to be parading through my house? how soon can I start getting back to my old self? (this is yet another reason why pregnant women don't sleep!!)

And the laundry nook is great. the dryer is at just the right height too because E has been having to do laundry for the past few months. Now I don't have to rely on him to actually do it since I can reach and not have to crawl into them both when they were side by side.

Ashley said...

We'll see. I don't think we're quite there yet but we're not too far away, either. :)