Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Ban on Blogging

About a week ago, an event happened around the house that I was specifically told "Don't not blog about this!!" from my husband. Well, last night I recieved the green light.

While E is a genious around the house in my eyes, he doubts his ability to do certain projects. Electrical work is one of those abilities that he questions himself on. He reads up and the project, consults wise council, takes safety VERY seriously and then checks his work very carefully. Last weekend, he relocated the electrical outlet for the washer and installed a new outlet for my future desk. We checked the connection and all works.

Since I was behind on laundry because of the weekend project, I would do a load a day by throwing a dirty load into the washer as I was heading out to work and dry it when I got home. I did this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. E was coming home early on Wednesday so I left him a note to start a load of laundry when he got home. He just so happened to be walking by the laundry room when he saw flickering flames inside the washer!!!!! He quickly turned the washer off and began airing out the house from the black smoke that had taken over the house. (Thank God the fire didn't happen on one of the previous days and send out house up in flames)

Well, Robert, a friend who is an electrician came over last night to check E's work. We got the green light and he even fixed a few other problems for us. What an angel!! So now that E knows it wasn't his fault, I am allowed to blog about the fire! Here are the 2 boys taking apart and rewiring the washer, just what every woman wants to see...Men taking apart one of her most expensive appliances. And Robert's wet shirt isn't's was just raining cats and dogs last night!!
P.S. Thanks Katie for allowing us to borrow your husband last night!!


Ashley said...

Oh! That is scary! I caught our dryer on fire when we had just moved into our house. Thank goodness I decided to do a couple more things before we left to go back to our apartment to finish cleaning or else our house could've been totally engulfed when we returned. I'm glad everything is now working and E gave you the green light to blog about how it wasn't his fault. Haha! Too funny!

Amanda said...

What a scary thing to come across in your home! Either way, like you said at least E was home to stop it.

On a lighter note, its funny how E didn't want you to blog about it until he knew it wasn't his fault.