Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warehouse Syndrome

Me and E have always gone back and forth about whether we wanted to get a membership to Sam's or Costco or some other warehouse store of type. Well, last night was military appreciation night at Sam's so we thought we would take advantage of the invitiation and see if there were things there that we would actually use. While we did get 3 Christmas presents, all very small, we still walked out with 8 items and a $200 bill. However, we did get a GIANT box of newborn diapers and giant box of wipes too. But I think we both agree now that we don't "Need" a warehouse club membership. We will find too much crap that we can't live without!!


andreaunplugged said...

OH yeah you could always find something there you don't necessarily need. Like 500 granola bars, 70000 rolls of toilet paper and a 2 gallon jug of wine!

Ashley said...

Try a 5 gallon box of wine ;)

That's my favorite purchase from Sam's. Haha!

We have a membership mostly for the lower gas prices they have (plus Lucas really enjoys going to Sam's for pizza... that is our fine dining) Ha!

Amanda said...

I think it'll be worth it for the diapers and baby supplies!

Graber Gabber said...

We found that it was well worth it for diapers and wipes. We found that the Member's Mark diapers ("Smiles") didn't leak like Pampers and Huggs and didn't cost anywhere near Huggies. With three in diapers at one time we were glad we could save a little. Also the wipes were way better than the cheap Walmart ones and way cheaper than the Huggies wipes for the same quality.

On a side note: The butcher's dept is the best in town and the bakery makes some great cakes for special events (birthdays...etc)